Hotels in Metaverse

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Hotels in Metaverse

Project Overview

How amazing it be if we get a real experience of the space where we are going to stay during our vacation. I'm sure you have the head of the 3d tour. But it's limiting and lets us see from the predefined spots only and that too does not give a real experience. How about you as an avatar visit the place?

This is not only applicable to the hotel but also to any architectural solutions. Like, experience your home before it is built up.

Metaverse can solve the problem very effective way. If we add gamification like privileged access to the metaverse visitors or special NFT or crypto wins who complete the challenges, it will more fun. And business can generate more recurring business if business ideas and technology are very well used.

Project Execution

The Hotel we built was a high-end Multi-story hotel built in Decentraland. This hotel has a huge reception area, and a lift to take the users to their respective rooms. In the front of the hotel, there is a huge porch and an automatic glass door to enter the hotel.

The exterior design of the hotel is very similar to a real hotel. All the rooms are on the second floor. All the rooms are equipped with a queen size bed, tv, and a glass window. There is a play zone area where customers can play games.

The customers can interact with the hotel staff at the reception, a record is maintained, and customers with a key would only be allowed to enter the rooms. There are huge screens in the hotel playing videos.


Decentraland, 3D Designs, Blender, TypeScript, Node.js, Docker


The hotel owners joined the bandwagon of Metaverse to create buzz. And is not a fake buzz, people love it and want to visit the place virtually and get confidence that yes it is not just another hotel.

The hotel owners are also super excited to take it to the next level and leverage the tech in all possible ways to take the business to the next level.

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