Document Management System

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Document Management System

Project Overview

For larger organizations, google docs or dropbox are limited to fulfilling their custom requirements of managing the documents. There will be team-related folders with various team members operating at different levels and different access.

The files or folder needs to be shared with internal or external users with not just read/write access. There can be a single-use file, password-protected file, or file access to a specific device like many restrictions need to be imposed depending on the confidentiality of the document.

One more pain is there where the content has to be searched with a common search box. Reading the content, storing it securely, and helping using to find them when needed is a crucial task for any DMS.

Additionally, if the watermarks are added automatically to restricted and confidential documents it makes the users' job way easier.

Project Execution

DMS- is the one-stop solution for all the users' and teams' file management and access systems. In this application, we have created a file management system where organization data can be maintained in the cloud with complete privacy.

DMS is an easy-to-use platform built for the entire content lifecycle, from file creation and sharing to co-editing, classification, and versioning. It also has a built-in mechanism for enabling one-time password authentication whenever files are shared outside the organization, adding watermarks to all the uploaded files, restricting access for users who are no more part of the organization, and allowing limited time access to a file/folders who are outside the organization.

Along with this, we make user management simple and secure. In addition with the help of the admin console, one can get full visibility of how the content is being created, accessed, shared, and used within the organization as well as outside.

When you have Google Drive as a benchmark, the development becomes more challenging to achieve the expectations. Our Full-stack engineers and DevOps engineers put their great efforts to make something useful to the enterprises.


Next.js, Nest.js, Ant.Design, AWS, TyoeScript, MongoDB, OCR


The DMS has features that the larger organization needs are now solving the problem of many users. It is not only saving time but also making it more secure when they are sharing the document outside. With plenty of restriction options, they feel more secure and comfortable sharing outside and not stopping themselves from expanding their business.

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