Blockchain and Metaverse Development

Create virtual space with our Remote Talent

Building Web3.0 business solutions for startups, DAOs and enterprises

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Metaverse Development

Innovative Solutions for the New Internet

This technology might be the perfect solution to put across your company’s message to the public. We guarantee an immersive experience, where users will keep their focus on content, without distractions.

We build the futuristic metaverses and use cases that help businesses thrive. Using blockchain, augmented reality and virtual reality, we create 3D immersive spaces, NFT marketplaces and web3 wallets, avatars and self-sovereign identities.

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Our Service

Creating Lasting Experiences

Each client and each project is unique and we offer the dedication and professionalism they require to create an exclusive and quality solution. To achieve this, we work hand in hand with our clients, accompanying them throughout the process, from the generation of ideas to their materialization.

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Design according to your space needs and configuration of your own Metaverse
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Avatar customization
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Interaction with elements of the metaverse, and with other avatars through voice
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Consultation in the learning processes of the use of the Metaverse.
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Growth mindset

We believe in making today 1% better than yesterday!

Redsoft Solutions was born of the idea to build products & solutions that directly impact the end-user. These innovative solutions enable them to improve productivity, efficiency, and secure machine minds.

We believe people should focus on what they are for in their life and leave mundane tasks to technology.

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Our Services

Innovative solutions for the businesses of tomorrow

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Our Process

A simple, yet effective three step process

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Understand the requirements

Connect with customers to discuss requirements, feasibility, and technical capability. Our customers find this invaluable when brainstorming with tech experts in the industry for more than 12 years now

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Discovery call with experts
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Derive solution feasibility
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Finalize the scope of the first iteration
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Our designers and engineers get their hands dirty to make something amazing for the future based on your idea.

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Design & Development
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Quality checks & Review
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Periodic delivery to customers for feedback

Put it in the world

We make it live for the users. With the customer, we check whether it is performing as intended. We check the analytics and see whether our software really makes our user’s life better or not. We prepare next iteration and repeat the process

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Make it live
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Analyze if it is used as intended
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Iterate with improvements and next features

What Our Clients Say

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"They are spot on in everything when it comes to deadlines and schedules"

They were pretty understanding about the scope and requirements of the project; both in terms of finances and deadlines. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to do this job for us. They’re committed to working and making sure the milestone deadlines are met no matter the cost.

Chirag Chopra
Founder & Creative Director, Lucid Labs

"They’re also innovative and come up with unique solutions"

It wasn’t a simple project, but they did a very good job. I trust their team to guide their customers in the right direction. They are invested in the work and provide good quality code for a competitive price.

Benjamin Charlton
Director of Templato

"They went above and beyond the requirements"

We worked together on an angularjs application and he has proven himself very knowledgeable and very easy to collaborate with. I definitely recommend him and I look forward to work with him on other projects.

Mike Onciulescu
Owner, Mialco, LLC
Case Studies

Not convinced? Take a look at some of our case studies


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