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A futuristic NFT gallery

Art gallery for Art so NFT gallery(in Metaverse) for NFTs

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A futuristic NFT gallery

Project Overview

A virtual art gallery where the designers can host their NFTs. A place to get together as well for the design lover and who are interested to buy the NFTs.

And amazing virtual space where the corporates can promote their products, and show advertisements. In addition to just showcasing, they will be able to get analytics of how many users visited the space, how many were close to their ads, for how much time, etc.

The same space is useful to do close events where the people with valid NFT passes can only enter.

Project Execution

This was the first project which our team did for one of our existing clients. The customer wanted to create a presence in Decentraland. We created an nft gallery in Decentraland where an artist could list all the nft designs present in the opensea. A customer could visit this virtual space in Decentraland only if they had a pass for entering the gallery. We added a mechanism that ensured that people could enter the gallery at a dedicated time. Potential buyers had to click on the nfts displayed in Decentraland and then they would be redirected to buying it.

We added analytics to it so see how exactly the place is being used and track user's journey. This help us make it more effective and much more useful the visitors as well as corporates.


Decentraland, 3D Designs, Blender, NFT, Blockchain, TypeScript, Node.js, Docker


An amazing futuristic art gallery that displays NFTs by 3D artists. Visitors can view it, get more info and if interested can buy it from the opensea.

Companies can put ads to it to market their product/service. They can get the analytics of how it works.

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